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Samantha Rhoades has attained an Associate in Arts degree in Web Development and Design with honors from Harrisburg Area Community College in Central Pennsylvania.

She believes Web Design is the perfect balance between technological problem-solving and artistic creation. It gives her an outlet for creative impulse similar to her earlier experiences in the culinary arts; she attended Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island for a year while pursuing a degree in pastry arts.

While she loved cooking and it came easy to her, something was still missing. She left JWU and spent the next year and a half taking classes and searching for something that would allow her to satisfy her need for creativity but also give her a challenge. After moving back to Pennsylvania she took an HTML course out of curiosity which changed everything.

Samantha is currently the Technology Supervisor at Staples. She is seeking a professional position in the field of Web Design and Interactive Media.

She lives in Harrisburg with her significant other and her fish named Jackson Pollock. She still loves to make pies.


Capture of the South Central Sickle Cell Council website Board of Directors page.

South Central PA Sickle Cell Council- Worked in a team of 5 as a designer to create a new, modern, informational website for the South Central PA Sickle Cell council. Designed 5 page layouts using Adobe Illustrator creating multiple versions at request of the client. Coded 4 pages using javascript, jquery, css styles, html and implementing specifically: modal boxes, jquery tabs, jquery accordions, responsive resizing, SEO and more.

Capture of former Anchor Designs website

Former portfolio site. Implemented a gallery using fancybox, similar to lightbox. Responsive with tablet and mobile views. Logo and favicon designed in Illustrator.

Capture of portfolio site design using golden spiral called somnial designs

An early design created in Illustrator to experiment with the golden spiral principle and different sorts of navigation as well as color.

Art deco movie poster created for the film Metropolis

Movie poster created in Illustrator as an example of typographic design and color schemes. Image was created from screen shot from the film Metropolis using multiple image tracing techniques.

Illustration of Samantha Rhoades

Self portrait created in Illustrator. Hand traced facial features with the pen tool. Experimented with color, textures, and gradients to produce a visually interesting result.

Screen capture of a sample site about cepalopods

Example of an interactive site made in Edge Animate. Navigation is animated on hover including a color change, movement, and shadow. Squid image shifts when hovered over.

Graphical map of the Johnson and Wales Harborside Campus in Providence, Rhode Island

Map drawn in Illustrator of the Johnson and Wales Harborside Campus in Providence, Rhode Island

Brick wall with 'west side' grafittied on top

Image created in Photoshop using an image of a blank brick wall, hand painted lettering, and blending tools to create the illusion of graffiti. Used clone stamp and other touchup tools to remove imperfections in the brick background. Used gradients, shadows and glow to create the colorful lettering.


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For any inquiries, contact Samantha by phone or email. She would love to hear from you!

Phone: 717-712-5738


Additionally, Samantha can be found on social media:

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